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(21/12/2004) David Ribera-Nebot publicly denounces a pedagogical and institutional fraud in the IES Les Vinyes -public school- and in the Catalan Ministry of Education

PUBLIC DENOUNCE of demonstrable facts that affects the honor of the teachers and
concretely the honor of the physical education teachers.

Next I expose a selection of performances orchestrated by a management team (Nuria Requena Cerda, Carles Escrig Mañez, Catalina Manrique Sala, Marisol Montes Lozano, Maribel Jiménez), several inspectors (Manel Busom Torres, Carmen Mancebo Fernández, Rafael Alsina Dalmau, Jordi Cantallops Montero) and a territorial delegate (Jordi Roca Armengol), with the support of a caravan of professors (access to list) and responsible chiefs of the Government Ministry of Education (Marta Cid Pañella, Montserrat Guri López, Ramon Martínez Deu, Francesc Vidal Pla; and: Elena Rubio Rivas, Cristina Cano Pérez, Isabel Casals Pradera, Elena Belloso Gil):

a) Every year there are excursions to practice alpine ski, organized by the professor in charge of out-of-school activities (a non-physical-education specialist) , for 1st, 3rd and 4th grade of ESO (Secondary Education -students aged 12 to 16 years-) and educational cycles, in which the participation is less than 50% of the students of some levels and participation is always less than 15% of the total number of the center's students, arguing that those are excursions for "coexistence".

These excursions, on school days and on school times, are not curricular nor do they fulfill an educative and evaluative objective. How can they be curricular if they are not participated by most of the students?  They are extremely repetitive (3 times in 4 years) in the curriculum of the student of ESO, and in addition to this they also interfere with the scheduling of excursions depending on the department of Physical Education.  They are not part of the curriculum of the participant educative cycles. Aside from very irregular, this illegal appropriation of the contents of Physical Education and its anti-pedagogical use also supposes a discriminatory treatment towards the Physical Education and a loss of prestige for the image of the specialized professionals of Physical Education, a fact that is, at least, denounceable. To make things worse there exist a manipulation of the students so that some teachers can practice alpine ski and other "hidden interests" during such excursions.
If usually you can plan one excursion per year to be included in the physical education program assuring that can be participated by all the students, we expect to offer 4 different types of sport activities close to nature during the 4 years that the students stay in the secondary school. Besides, many different sport activities for students should be offered regularly from the school with adequate objectives for each time and situation.
Pedagogical Criteria for Physical Education Excursions

The reasonable, worthy one and totally justified fight for eliminating excursions of alpine skiing without pedagogical criteria or any excursion without pedagogical criteria, is the essence of the conflict and the start of constant attacks toward the professors of Physical Education and toward any person that showed the minimum affinity with them. The worse is that the unfortunated team used the students for this debate.
Exemple d'Esmenes i Comentaris a un Acte d'equip docent sobre les sortides d'esquí alpí

b) By means of registered document, they issue orders to the head of the Physical Education department to coordinate sport activities during the breaks following the rules they dictate (these persons, management team, do not have any kind of preparation for Physical Education nor for sports). Simultaneously, they issue orders to the personnel in charge of out-of-school activities to also coordinate these sport activities. Evidently, the head of the Physical Education department completely ignores these orders and finally reason prevails and the teachers of Physical Education voluntarily organize sports for the students, in educative conditions.
Sport Activities during the Breaks - IES Les Vinyes
These impositions are irregular: first, they suppose extra work without the approval by the department of Physical Education and, on the other hand, there is an intention to practice extra-curricular activities during school hours.

Why aren't mathematical activities or other subjects scheduled during the breaks or excursions with mathematical content or other subjects in 3 of the 4 terms of ESO? This evidence a differential treatment of the didactic departments and the different subjects as well as an improper treatment  (non-curricular) and unequal conditions for the Physical Education that implies a comparative offense when it comes to curricular interference and time of dedications. In addition it supposes a discrimination not to consider the opinion of the experts in Physical Education. Furthermore, it also is an act of supreme arrogance and ignorance to opinate on a matter without any formal knowledge or experience thereof.
Philosophy of Education

c) The director tells the head of the department that the substitute teacher may not communicate with the full professor of Physical Education, which means that the notes of Physical Education are totally unjust for the students as the daily evaluations of  ¾ parts of the course by the full professor are not being considered nor is his criteria of evaluation, approved in the department and given in writing to the students at the start of the school year.

d) Without any kind of pedagogical nor organizational justification the pedagogical criteria of distribution of groups and teachers of the department of Physical Education is not respected. The head of the department proposes an official meeting with maximum representatives of the Department of Education so that this fact without precedents is not repeated, but the territorial delegate always avoids the meeting to take place. 

e) They try to forbid the school's students and teachers to communicate with the Physical Education teacher. Those that do are persecuted, attacked and their private lives scrutinized. 

f) There are several interferences by members of the directing team during the lessons of Physical education: 1) The director enters without calling and aims to make the teacher attend the inspector (The scholars, that she had lied to and threatened, shout "Lier" at her). 2) the inspector also enters the class room and tries, obviously without success, to make the teacher abandon it 3) the head of studies, during a break, interferes a private discussion among a group of students and the teacher of Physical Education to forbid the students to talk to him in front of the gym (evidently, the discussion went on), 4) during a lesson, the director bangs on the door of the gym, enters, observes the pupils and the teacher and abandons the gym slamming the door (nobody understands anything), 5) the school's administrator interferes during a lesson of Physical Education and, talking loudly, asks the teacher to continue the lesson in another place as some workers need to start some repairs (the teacher rejects to accept his "invitation", as this hasn't been communicated previously or the repairs could be planned during off-hours), 6) during the break the director tells the pupils to evacuate the material for physical education that the professor had prepared for his lessons (they elegantly decline his "invitation"), 7) inspector and director order the pupils to enter the gym during the breaks to play freely (the teacher's reasoned and specialized information given by the teacher of Physical Education is understood by the students who refuse to obey the orders of the ignorants).
LINK to Images of the situation

It is necessary that those who educate know to appreciate the virtues of a certain insolence in the neophytes like the affirmation between rough estimates of the individual autonomy and critical will that not everything is understood as the truth.
All these interferences to the professional exercise of the teacher of Physical Education demonstrate an unequal and differential treatment, motivated by a strong lack of understanding of Education.
Philosophy of Physical Education

g) They organize extraordinary meetings of professors during which the teacher of Physical Education, who is not present, is accused with lies and intentions are made to justify their dogmatic performances; but they have neither the value nor the honesty of making an official act that reflects everything that they declare. When somebody disagrees a bit a persecution of submission based on the policy of fear begins and the educative function is disregarded. Very few are able to declare the truth.

h) They incorporate in an indiscriminate form the variable credit of Physical Education of most of the students that arrive during the course and the pedagogical justification (in writing) of the director on such behavior is that this makes their integration easier as the "Physical Education is less academic than other subjects".

i) The substitute teacher is not allowed to hand out the official programming of the Physical Education (timely entried as a registered document) nor allowed to hand out to the pupils written information about the Physical Education area and the evaluation criteria for the present course that have been approved in the department. 
I have uploaded the official information to the pupils in the Physical Education's department at
(direct access:

j) They send a letter to the parents and legal tutors of students of 1st ESO, denying information on the area of Physical Education (approved in the department) and criticizing the professionalism of the teacher of Physical Education. With identical aims, they organize a meeting with parents and legal tutors without informing nor inviting any professor of the educational team.

k) For an excellent professional who maintains a friendship with the Physical Education professor, they prepare an schedule without teaching hours and 22 hours of guard. Chapter apart!
Check details in:

l) The effective repair of the water filtrations, during periods of rain, in the gym (basic classroom for Physical Education) is misestimated, though this is a problem that now lasts more than 6 years.

ll) Since the month of September the users that depend on the city council are allowed to use the new dressing rooms of the school that are meant for the students but, however, in the month of December, the school's students have not yet been authorized to use them.

m) The Physical Educational professor is not allowed to deliver documents by registry in his own school. Even the person in charge of personnel of the territorial delegation accepts them or not according to the content.

n) they blackmail the students so that they participate in a popular race organized by the school (students are threatened with the fail or the reduction of the Physical Education grade). Members of the management team give orders to the professor responsible for out-of-school activities so that execute such pressures toward the students. In previous academic years, certain professors already accepted submission and participated of such pedagogical scandal. 
It is evident that the present professor of  Physical Education does not permit that any unskilled one interferes in the criteria of evaluation of his subject (to participate in activities of such type it is not obligatory, although it is able to score for the optional part of the grade of P.E.)

ñ) Without the capacity to participate fruitfully in a reasoned pedagogical controversy, the immediate option is to try to make the Physical Education teacher follow their dogmas through the imposition of disciplinary files based on gratuitous affirmations and infantile accusations that are totally false. Nor do they respect his right to make amendments to acts, (specially manipulated), nor to propose pedagogical discussions in the meetings. As the Physical Education professor is not scared, and therefore he is not put under, he uses other didactic resources to express his opinions freely and honest.

I have worked in 15 public schools and I have never seen levels of so unfortunate action in so many dimensions.

My fundamental rights have been violated, I have been bothered because of my opinions, I have been object of arbitrary interferences and attacks to my honor and reputation, I have not had the option to defend myself and therefore I have the right to a plenary session of  effective resource in the competent courts. Human rights declaration of 1948! Also, the Educative Project based on Educational Values in the IES La Mina-Forum 2004 (, preferred center of educative attention, that was voluntarily developed by 13 teachers motivated by my license of studies, paid by the department of education and the collaboration of the INEFC and the Faculty of Education of the University of Barcelona has been suspended. Still nobody has given explanations to the implied professionals and even less to the students. This situation also forced us to decline the invitation to present/display this project in Barcelona Forum 2004. Moreover, top officials of the education department (hidded and unidentified) put security escorts to accompany me at all times during my visits to the headquarters of the education department to report the pedagogical and institutional scandals. I do not get intimidated or subdued.

Distinguished "Consellera" of Education, my institutional loyalty forces to me to communicate what I think, although this is politically incorrect. I depend on an institution that pays me, the Department of Education, not on some persons with transitory positions, and that's why I'm loyal to the Department of Education and therefore I am loyal to the Department of Physical Education and I fight for the teacher's dignity as a member of this institution, making my opinion known and promoting my honest believes in order to contribute to the students' education. In a scholastic center the decisions must be taken thinking about the development of the student's personality, the real protagonist of the educative act. Even sadder is the fact that some persons use the authority of their position, (without the moral and ethical authority this is nothing), to make decisions that satisfy their egos. Thus, the education responds to the interests of the educators before those of the educated. The school must form free citizens, not an army of followers.

Also, Distinguished "Consellera" of Education, I honestly express that the "active forces" in my school do not deserve my professional contribution. I deserve a coherent option to my integrity, that attempts neither to my dignity nor to my freedom of expression, that does not limit my professional development, and that does not force me to participate in an educative action that leaves the student in the last place.

If the ultimate persons, in charge for the moment being, indeed do not deal with the deliriums of authority, nor all the infantile attacks towards my person, then it's really an honor to have three open cases and any type of professional exile. If this happens, the direction of my personality will force me to make my decision to separate myself, temporarily or definitively, from the Department of Education.

In a democratic state it is totally incoherent, and an attack of the human rights, that a public school is based on the ideology of the dogmatic obedience and subjugation without promoting in the student the passion for knowledge and personal development. Many years have passed since my best teacher explained to me that the education must surpass any conjunctural ideological frame and be based on philosophical foundations that contain as a reference the human values of autonomy and freedom.

To the Students I hope I have contributed something positive, at least a reflection on the type of citizen they would like to be: "The gull that only flies to eat or the one that wants to learn to fly".

My indifference towards certain people has been complete, since the very first total moment and I have never stooped to compete with them. On the other hand, during this process I have had the pleasure to get to know a few extraordinary persons. I simply express my indignation and I dedicate a little of my time to the possible restitution, if it was necessary, of my professional dignity in front the students (*) and to urge others to fight for their fundamental rights and never let go of their dignity. (**)

I appreciate that the publication of this article has been possible thanks to the
"Group of the Teacher's Honor".

David Ribera Nebot,
Professor of Physical Education in the IES Les Vinyes (Public High School of Spain)
(September 2003-March 2004 / September-November 2004)


(*) summarized curriculum vitae

(**) I have never spent time nor effort to compete with no member of the direct heads and mute witnesses of the pedagogical and institutional scandal that is described here, my indifference toward that type of people has always been total; but as it has been boycotted any internal pedagogical debate, as it has been lied systematically and as it has been wounded the fundamental rights of students and some professionals; I feel obliged to the present diffusion.


Análisis Pedagógico del artículo "El Honor del Profesor"


El propósito de base de las presentes denuncias es evidenciar las miserias de los participantes directos y colaboradores para publicitar el claro convencimiento de que esas personas no están preparadas para ejercer ninguna acción educativa en una escuela pública de una sociedad libre y pluri-cultural centrada en el desarrollo de la personalidad del individuo en condiciones de autonomía y libertad.


Actualidad sobre la Quintaesencia del Fraude Pedagógico e Institucional
en el IES Les Vinyes de Santa Coloma de Gramenet y el Departamento de Educación



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